Aesthetic usability effects Q2

Butler, Holden & Lidwell (2003) defined the Aesthetic-Usability Effect, as a concept in which more attractive things are rated as easier to use, despite the likely hood that they are. The following are examples of this spectacle;

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(Independent, 2016)

Nokia Mobile Phones :The Nokia phones used in the article provided for the class are an older version of the cellur phones we are used to but it still incorporates the  Aesthetic Usability effect. Once upon a time these phones were new, fresh and advanced compared to others. Nokia was one of the first companies that realised that phones needed more than just the traditional communication features. Aesthetic elements such as “coloured covers and customised rings are more than ornaments” ( Butler, Holden & Lidwell, 2003). Though this phone was not without its faults, these aesthetic features encouraged a “positive relationship with the user that in turn makes troubles more tolerable” (Butler, Holden & Lidwell 2003).

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TiVo desktop (,2016)

TiVo Recording System: TiVo TV’s is an American television brand that allows consumers to record, pause and rewind live TV. With todays busy busy lifestyle, there isnt much time to sit and watch your favourite shows. TiVo obliterates this problem in style, and event if there are a few problems, customers are forgiving due to its sleek menu visuals. “Through attractive on screen menus and pleasant and distinct auditory feedback are changing the way people record and watch their favourite programs.” ( Butler, Holden & Lidwell, 2003)


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Audi vs Skoda  (CarWow,2014)

Audi or Skoda

Cars pretty much all do the same thing; get us from one place to another, look pretty similar; four wheels, seats and an engine, so why do people buy one over another. I can tell you right now that i would pick an Audi any day, this purely comes down to design.  Aesthetics and car design have come hand in hand for many years, its what makes the car what it is, provides it with personality and the brands look. The aesthetics; quality, structure and design is what gives the car the edge in such a competitive market place, especially when there are so many car brands out there.

Between the Audi and the Skoda, there isnt much difference besides the brand and design. The reason for choosing the Audi, even though its more expensive, is because Skoda’s brand oozes a cheap design. Many people will argue that Audi drives better or is more fuel efficient but thats not necessarily true, its because its aesthetically pleasing, more so than the Skoda.



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