Credibility Q3 – Week 4

The study identified by (Fogg,2003), on page 154, figure 7.3, shows results of a survey which asked what items on a website make it seem more credible and what makes it less so. The following is my understanding of what makes a website less credible to a user.

  • Spelling or grammatical errors will significantly reduce a websites credibility
  • The site is difficult to navigate,
  • Privacy and Security Policies need to be easy to find and understand
  • The site is rarely updated with new information
  • Scams; Many more people have become aware of what makes a website not credible, scammers will go to greater lengths to make their websites look and behave in a credible manner.
  • Language; while the generation -Y will understand the “tech” shorthand or slang, older users might see this as a reason to deem a website not credible
  • If a websites URL and Organisation name don’t match it can be seen as a reason to view a website as being unprofessional and therefor not credible.
  • If there are no references cited to their information, that is another issue that will probably leave the user questioning its credibility
  • Error 404 ( orphan links) will automatically make me and many other users, assume a website is not credible nor professional


Fogg, B. (2003). Persuasive technology. Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.



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